For your convenience & peace of mind, we offer all services (including surgery) on Saturday & Sunday at no additional cost. If your pet insurance won't cover the costs, please ask us about cost-effective alternatives & loyalty programs: 22-33% off everything, no exclusions, no hidden costs, no waiting period. 

Vaccination, Microchip & Desex

We provide a range of vaccines tailored to your pet's lifestyle, plus a free health check.  All dogs and cats residing in NSW are required to be microchipped by 3 months of age; plus if your pet ever goes missing, you are far more likely to be reunited with them if they are microchipped. Desexing is a low-risk, same-day procedure for preventing pregnancies and minimising unwanted behaviours and diseases such as infections and cancers.

House-call & Transportation

Take the stress out of your pet's vet visit and let us come to you! We provide convenient, professional services in your own home (e.g. vaccination, consultation, prescribing and dispensing medication, euthanasia); we can also organise transportation for your pets if they need to be taken to our clinic for treatment. 

Consultation, Diagnostics, Treatment & Surgery

We offer consultations for diseases affecting all body systems. After we examine your pet, we will discuss the problems and their possible causes with you, based on which we will then recommend specific diagnostic tests with the goal of minimising the stress and discomfort to your pet, and the cost to you. We will always address your concerns and obtain your permission before carrying out any procedures. 

Health Products

We offer a wide selection of essential pet health products (e.g. flea/tick prevention, worming medications, medicated shampoo, prescription food) at affordable prices that will help you keep your pet healthy and happy. We are here to assist you finding the most appropriate products, specifically addressing your concerns and your pet's needs.