The health of humans, animals and the environment are closely related. One Health Veterinary is a local company that provides personalised veterinary services to our local communities. Our mission is to always do right by you, your pet, and our environment. One health. One planet. One for all and all for one. 

$198 Puppy & Kitten Package

You'll get two (2) free vaccination with check-up and 33% off all services and products for puppies and kittens 0-12 months of age. No exclusions. No hidden costs. No waiting period.

For your convenience & peace of mind, we offer all services (including surgery) on Saturday & Sunday at no additional cost. If your pet insurance won't cover the costs, please ask us about cost-effective alternatives & loyalty programs: 22-33% off everything, no exclusions, no hidden costs, no waiting period. We offer: 

  • Vaccination, Microchip & Desex
  • Consultation & Diagnostic Tests 
  • Procedures & Surgeries
  • Flea, Worming, Skin & Dental Care
  • Foods, Treats & Accessories