For your convenience & peace of mind, we offer all services (including surgery) on Saturday & Sunday at no additional cost. If your pet insurance won't cover the costs, please ask us about cost-effective alternatives & loyalty programs: 22-33% off everything, no exclusions, no hidden costs, no waiting period. 

Consultation $66

F3 Cat Vaccination & Consultation $88

C5 Dog Vaccination & Consultation $99

Annual Heartworm Injection fr. $70

House-call Surcharge (0-5km) $154

Normal Cat Castration $187

Normal Cat Spey $286

Normal Dog Castration (0-40+kg) $330-495

Normal Dog Spey (0-40+kg) $385-594

Dental Cleaning under General Anaesthetic $352 

Dental Cleaning with Tooth Extractions $700 - 1000

Routine Surgery (e.g. abscess, lump) $400 - 1000